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What are asbestos testing kits and what do they come with?


If you suspect there may be asbestos hidden in your home, you may have read that you should use an asbestos testing Sydney kit to find out.

If you have never used such a kit before, you are probably also wondering what are asbestos testing kits and what do they come with? After all, you do not want to buy a kit if they are not what you need to find asbestos in your home.

What exactly is an asbestos testing kit? — This is a kit you can buy either directly from the manufacturer, or from thousands of online suppliers. These kits can be used by anyone that wants to see if there is asbestos hidden in a building they either live in or work in. The kits are used to take samples of materials found in the building. The materials are then sent off to a laboratory to be tested for asbestos.

Where can you buy asbestos testing kits? — A select number of offline merchants in your area probably sell these kits. The easiest and most inexpensive way to buy them, however, is to order them from an online seller. After all, on the Internet you have a larger choice of kit types and a huge variation in the price you may have to pay.

What comes in an asbestos testing kit? — Kits come with everything you need to be able to take material samples, and then to mail them to a lab for testing.

This includes coveralls and an air filter mask to protect you and your clothing from asbestos. It also includes plastic waste bags, nitrile power free gloves to protect your hands, and instructions on how to take appropriate samples.

They also include the cost of 24-hour turnaround laboratory fees, and shipping fees paid so that you can mail the samples you find to a lab for testing. In other words, absolutely everything you need to find out if you have asbestos in your home, and with no additional expenditure needed.

How should you use a kit for the most accurate results? — Dress in the coverall and gloves, and then place the mask over your nose and mouth.

Following the instructions in the kit, walk around your home looking for materials that may be asbestos-contaminated. This should include material you find around your water tank, in partition walls, ceiling tiles, under floor tiles, under sinks, in your attic or basement and even on decorated coatings you may find on walls or ceilings.

Take samples from any suspicious material you find, and place it in the plastic bags provided. Make sure you seal each bag as the samples are collected, and label what is in it and where you found it.

Once you have completed your search, you can then package up the samples and mail them to the lab that the test kit manufacturer has contracted with for testing. Once received, testing takes 24 hours and a certified report is then sent to you about the substances in your home.

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