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Life’s Abundance Dog Food


If you have a dog, then you know that they are a big part of your family which means that all dog owners want just what is best for their fur babies. As such, they want to be able to feed their dogs with food that will help nourish them and give them energy and keep them healthy for as long as possible. Dogs love meat and they get their main source of protein from the meat that they eat as it gives their muscles the strength, they need to keep them running and playing fetch with you. Keeps their joints healthy and muscles lean. It is the protein in the dog food that is the absolute cornerstone for health for your dog.

While it is also important to have some carbs in your dog’s food, it is vital that the carbohydrates in your dog’s food is a simple carb like brown rice as it is easy to digest.


It sounds quite complicated when you look at it this way and makes you think that you would have to make them specially prepared food at each feeding time every day so that they get all of the meat and carbs that they need. Thankfully, you do not have to do all of the hard work on your own or buy raw meat or fish for your puppies to eat every day. Instead, you can ditch the food that you see all over commercials and buy your furry friend a food that will actually nourish them and help them maintain a healthy weight and active lifestyle. Life Abundance dog food from Fresh gives your dog all of the goodness that they would get if you were to prepare their meal by hand yourself. Life’s Abundance dog food is made with only the best ingredients out there that are proven to nourish our dog. You will only find ingredients such as organic, grass fed chicken, catfish, ripened apples, fresh carrots, and eggs. It also has all of the vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants in the food that your dog needs to stay young, energetic, and have a beautifully shiny coat for years.


Life’s Abundance dog food purposefully has a specific blend of bacteria inside of it that actually helps your dog to digest the food easier. As many great things that are in this natural dog food there are also a few things that you will not find in there such as artificial flavors, sugar, artificial food coloring, or chemical preservatives. The person behind the science for this food is Dr. Jane Bicks, a nationally celebrated and recognized holistic veterinarian. She knows what it takes to keep man’s best friend happy and healthy, and she is here to serve it up!

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