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It is always challenging to find that best ejuice. One day you get something that tastes like it’s out of this world, the next day you find an e juice that tastes even better. This is not to mean that the best is not available. The impression is, there are many flavors, and therefore it becomes very difficult to distinguish different tastes. Ejuices are also a personal thing. Good taste to you might not be as good to someone else.

However, it is possible to come up with a list that most people can agree that these are the best e-juices. There are many vapes on the market, in this case, it is convenient to rank only the best. To do this, one has to create a platform where ranking can be based on. A survey conducted will produce the best results. It involves collecting opinions and feedback from the vapers. The data is then analyzed to establish the best ejuice.

The top five

Shurb making the top five

Shurb contains a combination of raspberry, fine lime, and orange. Some sugary sweetness aims at providing a flavor of rainbow sherbet which caps the taste. Vapers will tell you that it’s smooth, just the right amount of sweetness, citrusy and some good sourness. This is an all-day vape.

Unicorn Milk by Cuttwood taking 4th place

The “Sauce Boss,” among the vapes. Vapers will always admit the delicacy and richness of the cream. A tinge of strawberry is imminent. Some people have opinions that it is a bit overrated. The advice would be one to experiment with it without exposure to previous opinions, and then you enjoy it.

Soul Custardy by Beantown Vapor

The major attribute of this ejuice that stands out is its quality and pricing. The quality you get for is pricing high. Users can get a smooth, creamy taste without eggy undertones. The choice of bourbon creates a unique taste.

Oh-Face by Beantown Vapor

A cocktail of fine cream and ripe strawberries. The strawberry comes out stronger than the Unicorn Milk but not that much to irritate.

Boosted by Boosted E-juice

With a very intricate, stand out taste. There exists an authentic flavor which makes it very lovable. The elements are mixed perfectly to produce an impeccable balance. This is an all-day vape. Its reputation is well known to most users.

Others worth mentioning.

In the fruit flavored category, one would not forget the cosmic fog fruits. At least 50 percent of use like fruit flavored e juice. The authenticity of cosmic fog fruits stands out. Other producers would evade this using overt sweetness.

Halo dessert vapes have very interesting flavors. Some blends contain Belgian chocolate, sweet caramel, café mocha and, apple turnover. This is to mention a few flavors that are present. There are sweet flavors by Halo. For example, the caramel treat, sugar twist, voodoo, and spice.

There are guides available from which you can come up with your ejuice. As for choice, start using brands you recognize then, later on, you may experiment.

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