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Are electronic cigarettes healthier than traditional cigarettes?


In the recent times, there has been a lot of buzzes if the electronic cigarettes would replace the conventional form of smoking. Before we conclude if the e-cigarette is a better alternative or not, let us first understand what this electronic form of smoking is. In simple terms, they provide the same functionality of providing the nicotine to the body, except that they are operated by batteries.

When you smoke an e-cigarette, you do not heat the tobacco, but instead the heat. The aerosol in it not only contains nicotine but also a lot of organic compounds as well as metals. The central unit of the electronic smoking unit is the eliquid, which is the combination of nicotine along with some chemicals.

But the million dollar question is: is this new form of smoking better than the old one? Let us explore different reasons:

It’s a mainstream belief that tobacco in the conventional cigarettes is the only reason for cancer. But in reality, there is more to just the tobacco. There are some carcinogenic chemicals which contribute to the bad health and surprisingly, the electronic form of smoking is also known to contain some of these. Even though the usage of e-cigarettes would not make any difference when it comes to inhaling nicotine, it, however, helps a little bit in terms of consumption of carcinogenic toxins.

There are conflicting theories, but many believe that e-cigarettes have resulted in a reduction of traditional smoking in a lot of individuals. But that does not suggest that it is a safe alternative. There are lots of individuals who smoke traditional cigarettes while they start using e-cigarettes. There have also been various detrimental explosions that have occurred when the batteries were being charged, thus causing an injury. Pregnant women should certainly avoid it as the nicotine within the product is very dangerous for the baby.

The electronic form of smoking is also known to cause damage to lungs, respiratory and cardiovascular ailments but there is not a lot of data and evidence to substantiate it. But for people who enjoy it, these products are available in multiple flavors ranging from the regular one to espresso, vanilla, and strawberry to name a few (https://slimsejuice.com/ sells many great flavours).

Since an e-cigarette could be easily purchased online, it has become a very popular choice among the younger generation. In the last five years, there has been a steep increase in the e-cigarette smoking by the youth. It is certainly not a good thing as the usage of electronic smoking by young kids could increase their addiction levels to tobacco. And if you look at the usage of e-cigarette over a period of time, it is definitely less expensive than a conventional pack of cigarettes.


Even though there have been some positive aspects in terms of regulating the e-cigarette in places like England, the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) in the United States have had a tough stand on the issue with some strict controls in place. How far would the electronic cigarettes go in terms of replacing the traditional ones? Only time could answer that question.

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